Film-Making is a Good Business- Producer/Actress – Maureen Chris

Maureen Chris  also known as  Mor-Mor is a Movie producer an Actress and a writer who has had some remarkable achievements to her credit in the Industry of Nigeria movie making called Nollyhood.

My Interview with her was just so expectional and Interesting you just want to join the fun with me about her jorney so far in film making.

Mercy Balami: Hi! Maureen nice having you here, I must confess you look so beautiful and smart on your outfit okay tell me whats the secrect behind that glow?

Maurren Chris: Ahahahaha God have being the only source of my beauty oooo.

Mercy Balami: wahooo thank God for this awesome glow, let me just belive it’s God alone ahahahah

MaurrenChris: yes O God alone.

Mercy Balami: So tell me abit about yourself?

Maurren Chris: Am Maureen Chris, I hail from Umuoji in Idemmili North local goverment Area of Anambra state, Nigeria. I graduated from lagos state University (LASU) With a BA in Theatre Art. Am a Nollywood Actress, a Producer, a script writter  and an Editor.

Mercy Balami: wahooo so impressive I must commend, you really got a great profile there. So if I may ask how long have you being in the  movie industry?

Maureen Chris:  Have being in the movie Industry since 2012 till date approximately 5years now (smiles).

Mercy Balami: great that’s quit some years you know eheheh?

Maureen Chris:honestly my dear.

Mercy Balami: I hear there is a lot of Challenge producing movies how true is that? What is it like producing a good film?

Maureen Chris: Well it’s being quit challenging, I actually started with a production house as an actress called  more talent production under the management of Director Tawo Martins. Later I travelled to Malaysia and there I spent 1 year course on film production, I got back to Nigeria put my script together then I started logistics and move on with producing my personal movies. And here  I am now, the rest is history.truth of the matter is film making has being a good business so far.

Mercy Balami: awesome I love it when women take the bull by its horn ahahaha I must commend your effort and drive for adding more value to the entertainment Industry.

Maureen Chris: ahahaha we bless God for great ideas.

Mercy Balami: So still on production, so far so good how many movie jobs have you produced?

Maureen Chris: By the special grace of God have being able to production three movies already which I Co-produce with my boss and director Tawo Martins.  Names of the movies are National Crime, Second Chance, I pass my Neighbor. 

Mercy Balami: hmmmm! I was already laughing my throat out just hearing the title of the last one  “I pass my Neighbor” ahahaha bet It’s more of a comedy? yea I already saw the thriller of it and it’s super awesome you guys just wanna go check it out.

Maureen Chris: Yea super interesting movie, you gonna love all three of them.

Mercy Balami: So as an actress how many movie job have you featured in and how was the experiences?

Maureen Chris: have featured in lot’s of movies like Battle of the gods, hotel secret,I miss my flight, National crime, I pass my Neighbor etc….  my experience so far honestly the competition is really high!especially when you have to be casted for roles you can’t help but give it your best shut because the industry is very political, when you feel you are the most suitable person for a particular role a million and one talents are waiting patiently to grab your role with all they ev got. Ahahahahaha.

Mercy Balami: wow Weldon you have really done a lot for yourself I think you are one woman every woman should look up to you ev got some Femspirational juice and sauce in you hmmmmm I like that .

Maureen Chris: Thank you Mercy

Mercy Balami:  Who is your best Film-Maker? And what will you advice Youths and Women to Learn from you in our Nation building?

Maureen Chris: My best film maker (ahahaha) I reserve my comment on that for now. To the youth and women I ‘did advice we women should be independent in a positive way, let’s stop giving men the opportunity to be violated us or take advantage of us. Let’s work hard, let’s come together, let’s support each other. And let’s have one voice and say no to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

Mercy Balami: gooo! girl you can say that again I really love your spirit you are indeed a strong woman.

Maureen Chris: thank you girl you are also a wonder woman and an inspiration (smile)

Mercy Balami: hmmmmm thank you dear  so is there any new movie project you are about working on and what is the title?

Maureen Chris: yes there is a movie project I will be working on pretty soon title isBLOODY  PAGEANT which I will still be co-producing with my boss Tawo Martins and it’s going to be the bomb after that comes another mind-blowing movie project titled PRIDE OF VIRGINITY.

Mercy Balami: hmmmn really awesome! girl honestly I can’t wait to watch all this movie and maybe I should be part of them, so I can become a star like you so fast what do you think?

Maureen Chris:ahahahahahaha ok no wahala

Mercy Balami: am curious BLOODY PAGEANT will you want to brief us what the movie is about?

Maureen Chris: I think it will be nice if the public just watch and give feed back on their own but I tell you it’s mind-blowing and very educative.

Mercy Balami: ok Maureen our fingers are crossed and we are patiently waiting to unveil another great project from your production. It was really nice having you here dear I had fun the whole time interviewing you on my blog am really blessed having you here.

Maureen Chris: thank you so much dear I had fun too and can’t wait to come back and give the big movie out to my great fans.

Mercy Balami: thank you so much guys for following up my blog post please do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions on the comment box below or simple email me at for advert and participation. bye for now guys and have a fulfilled time out.😚


Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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2 Responses

  1. Maureen Chris says:

    Wowwwwwww, nice one girl.. May God Almighty bless you abundantly and may He give you more wisdom and inspiration so you can be good in what you’re already good at.. God Almighty bless you our Great Lady Maureen Chris

  2. Miss Agbafewo Loveth says:

    Wow!!! That’s interesting..Keep it up mor mor.
    God bless ur hustles.

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