My Random pop Lip-stick


Hey!! Loves how you all doing I hope you all are well? Okay so today i got so bored tired and depressed yes i mean depressed but not  to worry i will hint you guys the story behind the depression in my next blog post. So i decided to make myself happy by playing with my lipsticks and i realized that it is high time i stick to one or two favorite cosmetic brand instead of using different brands hmmm! but who cares i just go with the flow once i see what suits me i just pick and go be it cheap or expensive i dont have that time and patience to keep one brand or product then when it finishes i will start walking around malls like one headless chicken 😁😁😁😁😁 looking for what i dont know.
Okay so while i was googling today i saw this beautiful lipstick pop brand called Ultra-Mattie-lipstick and i just placed my order because the colours are amazing and they can ship to you where ever your location is wow isn’t that so amazing and guess what it’s  for only 6$ i highily recommend you purchase it check out their web site for more information.
Okay so you can also check out my Random lipstick youtube video and subscribe to my channel.

So share your favorite lip sticks with me by dropping your message at the comment box below.
Love ya all



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