When Meagan Good’s Faith Came Into Question, Her Hubby Had Her Back


At one point or another, everyone has been guilty of judging someone based solely on how they look. Whether it’s a stranger you pass on the street or the new woman at your job who always wears short skirts, it’s easy to jump to conclusions about a person just because of something you see. This type of judgement is something that actress Meagan Good has become all too familiar with.

Throughout her career, she’s been widely regarded as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, and her looks have certainly helped boost her star power. However, when she married a preacher, DeVon Franklin, she found herself under even more scrutiny. ‘How could a man of God marry a woman who is known for her sex appeal?’ many people wondered. Better yet, many thought it was impossible that Good herself could claim to be a woman of God and still wear some of the things that she’s been seen in.

Recently, one woman decided she was going to address these concerns in front of both Good and Franklin and let them know that Good’s style of dress was simply not okay.
During a Valentine’s Day event at One Church Los Angeles, the couple sat through a Q&A session during which people from the crowd were allowed to ask various questions. One woman used her time on the mic to address Good’s appearance and suggest that she “cover up.” Some may have thought DeVon would have joined her in asking his wife to dress more modestly. Instead, Franklin fired back with an answer that left the entire room pleasantly surprised. This woman may have thought she was going to stir up some trouble, but instead she found herself looking like a fool in a room full of people.

Meanwhile, the Internet has gotten hold of the exchange, and people all over are commenting on Franklin’s confidence in supporting his lady. While some people out there can’t even get their boyfriend or girlfriend to claim them in public, Meagan Good found her a man who’s willing to have her back in a room full of strangers.


Watch the video to hear just what Franklin had to say. Do you think he did the right thing?
Stand By Your Woman!

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