DATE WITH PURPOSE (Relationship Q&A #1)


Hi great minds how is your weekend going mine is going so well and I thank God for Life.
Okay so I got this question from my mail today and decided to give a quick reply to the person because it was nesseccary I give attention to my friends, blog readers and anyone who needs help. I can assist in my own little way okay the person asked and I quote ‘Hi Mercy please have being dating and changing from relationship to relationship and yet havent find the right person because they dont see the marriage term involved it and am tired of doing that i just want someone that sees the future and focus towards being a husband not just a boyfriend” okay now Listen Ladies are not suppose to go looking for a man or use the term finding that is not God’s purpose for us the bible says in proverbs18:22 it’s say he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord, so Ladies stop looking out there searching for men allow them hunt you and while his searching for you ask God to keep working on him and make him a man of purpose and also ask God to keep working on you as well. Ladies get yourself lost in God and stop being afraid of what the society thinks about your civil status.
Okay after I read the question and corrected that impression I decided to teach her the benefits and ways of dating and then DATING ON PURPOSE came to my head and I told her You don’t just date anybody for fun. You date someone because you see a future with them, because you can see yourself marrying them. We believe this is how God has called us to look at our relationships. Often, dating in today’s world means satisfying one’s desires. Two people begin thinking about getting physically or emotionally involved without thinking about marriage or any future at all. If you’re investing your time and effort into someone that you do not see yourself marrying, then you’re wasting it. You’re also possibly losing your purity and most likely ending up with a broken heart. It can be hard at times to be single, to be without a relationship when you’re longing for someone to share your life with, but it is better to have patience than to lower your standards or put yourself in a relationship that has no future. Dating is defined as “a committed act to be with someone of the opposite sex and to build a relationship with them that will eventually lead to marriage.” Imagine a relationship so focused on God that every day you and the other person’s faith is being strengthened. You read scripture together, pray together, go to church on Sundays, pray for each other, and do whatever you can to glorify God through the relationship that you have. We believe a relationship like this is attainable, but your mind and heart must be set on dating with purpose. Not just dating someone for fun and to go out with. Yes, you should enjoy each other. But there is much more to a God centered and satisfying relationship. Seek God eagerly to find the spouse He has for you. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” When you see a future and see a possible marriage, you become stronger because you know that so many things lie ahead. So many opportunities and goals with God that you will do whatever it takes to work through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Dating with a purpose gives your relationship a vision, a vision to do whatever God is calling you to do, together, and in the long run. Dating as God sees it makes it worth to date and to date well, as He calls us. We believe that it’s time to be done with “flings” because there is no value that comes from those. Precious time is wasted when there is no purpose as to why you’re dating in the first place. There’s so many people in this world, so many fish in the sea, but God has someone for you. Patience and trust in Him is key to finding them. Close your eyes and think, if you spend weekend after weekend striving to be more than friends with multiple people because you want “fun,” then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Those who give themselves to a so called “love-life” of dating without truly dating, and without Christ and commitment, are settling and settling for less than what God intended. You’re drawing yourself further and further away from dating with purpose. We all want a bright future and we all want someone to spend that future with. Be willing to pass up “flings” in order to receive that one thing, that one relationship, where you can build a future together, become closer to God, and date with a purpose. When you look at a relationship like this where you see yourself being with them to marriage and beyond, you set


yourself up to receive blessings together because you’re committed to a greater purpose. God wants our relationships to be of more happiness, more security, and more purpose.
Let me know what you think or your own perception of marriage?  By commenting below.



Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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2 Responses

  1. Maureen Chris says:

    You know one thing about we ladies, we sometimes tends to be desperate about marriage that we always end up preparing for the traditional marriage and church wedding and not the marriage itself.. May God Almighty always see us through because we are the strongest of all Creations.

    • PearlMAB says:

      Yea you super right dear we should be mindful how we put our emotions to play our emotions defind our attitude in our relationship so despration should not be the main key in finding a spouse thanks for your contribution dear keep following up

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