Hiiii great minds, so alot of you may be wondering what is the essence of having  sex :mrgreen: I know, some married couples need to have sex to produce their offspring which is highily allowed by God infact one of my married friend will tell me ‘Mercy do you know me and my hubby say a short prayer before we have sex or make love with each other’:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: and I honestly don’t know what exactly to reply her I just laughed out loud and closed the gist cos that’s her marital trend :mrgreen::mrgreen:.
Well let me start by saying rest in peace to all those people who must have lost their lives in doing doing the wrong things just to survive in this wicked world may their souls rest in peace (RIP) Am doing this because so many people no longer respect their body anymore they just rush to do desprate things to get fame and reward Romans 12: 2 says present your body a living sacrifice to God but alot of us have abused this body because despration and love of money gets at us.
Growing up and staying alone as a young girl 90% of men who have come around me are just on the affair of how  to have sex and they will use the term I will take care of you; yes alot of us can relate to that language those kind of men use. Or some will ask you to be their sex slave so they can pay  you and some prefere some ladies to be their mistress, so many foul languages and we forget that God have said we are peculiar people and we are royalty so why should we accept such cheap names  and offer okay fact to be told at some point I know am this girl that love to dress and look good l don’t go half nude out that may warrant such cheap names. But some men are so carried away by the Devil’s mode of idea in their head that the moment they see you even when you fully dressed they just imagine sex immidately and then they begin to allow sexual imagination penetrates  through their head; I call such men or women ( sex slaves) ladies l know sometimes we get to that point when we happen to be so broke and need help and you might want to approach one or two brothers to lend you some cash may be because your parents are not in that position to sort you out at that point, then the guy will want to invite you to a hotel to have have sex with you because they know you are in a desprate need of finacial support and all they can imagine is have sex with you and as worthless as this set of people can be they might even ask you if your body is made of gold or the finest of diamonds that moment you refuse to their request. yes am really talking out of experience have encountered such people alot times and l tell you the truth they are the most holy ones on facebook. I know alot of soft people that will just loosen up and have the sex because of despration, let me tell you something we don’t know about having sex ones there is sexual intercourse or in the process of it, be reminded that their is a part of that man that has being attached to you and a part of you that has also gotten into that man so lets imagine your good spirit God has prepared for his glory will literally leave you and go into him and since his careless and devlish God will definately get the glory back and give it to a faithful servant hmmmmm thats sad 😦 okay that part aside what if this person have some kind of disease  (STI)or what if this person is involved in some fetish lifestyle that means he has inflited his or her fetish stuff in you and that is the only way the devil can monitor and control you.


Most people are the course of their close doors sometimes alot of you just don’t enjoy your marriage because of those attitude you ev gotten yourselves into and you keep searching for the enemy and family member hunting you.
Money is a very important thing in this life money answereth all things money can make us happy money is really everything and thats true but remeber the same bible says the love of money is the root of all evil.
Alot of  you have atleast income to a  level that can sustain you but because of your selfish intreset you are never satisfied you want to be better than even a president, you just want to have so much so that every one can be at your Beck and call that is why so many of you get yourself into things that destroys you.
Do  you know when you involve yourself in evil act or sinful act! depression comes in you are not happy inspite all you have you leave in fear and the next place most of  you go to is either bars or clubs just to ease it off because you already feel worthless.
Am happy i can leave on my lane because my mum really took out time to discipline me and my siblings we never see material things as a priority my family just enjoy being happy have good moments together. we had the military kind of discipline ahhhahh most of our time is in church we don’t have that time to start looking out to who is better than us or who we are better than that was how disciplined we where. My mom taugt us how to serve people and sometimes she delibrately make us starve and she calls it fasting ahaahahhah and when we ask her why have she always being mean to us she said we need to kill the body so that the spirit of God can take charge of it :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: and I realized it’s was a good lesson for me sometimes I get in that situation when your wallet is so empty and I just smile and say God l know you are the one disciplining me and l just smile knowing things will get better. Have lost so much opportunities like programmes and events because the wallet goes broke and all I just tell myself is I know God didnt prepare that for me if it was for me he will definately make provision for me so it’s not my thing. Sometimes I discipline the body by doing some beautiful long walk to that venue ahahahh yea I could be that crazy.
We can create our  own means of survival by seeking God at all times money is not everything,  don’t sell your soul to the devil because you want to be better than where God has placed you. Sometimes when we go beyond Where God have placed us we get confused and end up failing.  Just follow the part and direction of God so he can show you so much. Don’t be materialistic showing some love should be the only materialistic thing we know.
I will love to know what you think about this? share your insight as well.



Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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