Diamond Woman ( Feminism)


Looking out through my window, feeling the soft cool breeze pass through me that brought alot of monolougues to my head about that woman in me.
A feminist who will fight and stand for women, in my worlds to come I pray God you make me a woman over times just as i am now.
Strong, wise, smart, patient, loving, caring even in that storm she still finds ways to make positive things happen; she can starve so others can eat she can make something out of nothing; she is compassionate  she understands every signal, a mechanic who needs just her wisdom to fix a broken man she can take the greatest risk just to achieve the best results.
Her strength is known from afar she have the heart of gold  I call her proverbs 31 if you want to find God fast


enough go through a woman her mouth is full with wisdom her tougths are always great she has a way of penetrating into the heart of her man her presence is felt when distance eroute her away, her heart troubles when things aren’t right she rather die trying, she never quits she is a woman of strength and many colours her elegancy defines her. Her unique attitude makes her classy her wisdom is percieved like a fragrance hmmmmm that woman in me. I say this with tears in my heart each time I see women treated wrongly my heart bleeds they say train a girl you build a nation thats true because girls and women will stand strong to make sure things stay right; her divine intelligence supercide everything, we are the apple of God’s eyes help train one girl child today help train a woman today and the world will be a better place http://swsg.org  I stand for Feminism we all should women are treasure that can lead a man to his final destination with great success women can bring unity and humility to a nation never kill a woman’dream. Share if you love women and the girl child. Comment and support feminisim all girls needs to go to school remeber knowledge is power.




Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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