Hi people where my ladies at?? Okay so it’s going to be valentine’s day tomorrow hmmm congrat to the love birds in the house as for we “Boo free” lets keep hugging our blankets oo:):):).
Yes now lets get the love birds ready and for those looking to get hooked your luck must shine on sunday just don’t dull the moment indoors go somewhere go to church or even hang out with friends as for me am going to celebrity mine with the less privilaged, yes they also need love even more love self. Okay tip number one to my love birds .
Smell like strawberry: Sisters you don’t want to go out feeling uncomfortable because of body odour my dear make sure your intimate area ( Virgina) is clean wash with water each time you pee this should be your everyday routine, make up shouldn’t be on fleek and that side is disgusting please! them brothers may want to go the extra mile yes go joor, anything can happen don’t pretend :mrgreen:.
Brothers smell clean too wash your boxers and shave properly also to the ladies shave those areas and apply your roll on’s.
Bad breath: hmmmm another embarrasing thing again is bad breath please endavour to keep the mouth clean, brush your teeth well before leaving the house for your date if you know you are the type that keep quiet often try and get breath strips or better still chew gum  or candies just keep it intact in your pocket or purse.
Cellphone addict: okay now am guilty of this one alot of you go on dates and the next thing you chatting and facebooking, ahhh! the guy or girl will not take you serious he or she might think you talking with someone else  and before you know it you have already ruin a great day please respect that moment with that person, keep that cell phone aside.
Eating habit:hmmmm alot of us don’t really understand what date is  about alot of us go on dates and start eating our lives out as if we don’t have foods in our houses haba! pity the brothers ladies order simple yet classy and healthy food be disciplined.
Dress sense: bet we want compliment me i love it when people compliment my outfit it makes me more confident and happy, ladies look sexy, hot and on fleek but be decent about it don’t put on what will reveal your under wears i can wear a short dress and look decent in it, also have some colour sense have some little touch of red look really romantic :):):):)(Mercyooooo).
Ask reasonable and smart question: okay yes you both must definately get talking even if you ev being dating for long prepare decent questions don’t go asking him same questions like ” so how did you get this date location” or ” do you know wizkid and Davido”  hmmm like seriously!!! please its not your business that’s why his a guy man 😬 your questions should center to the future and not side ways.
Compliment each other: hollup ladies don’t do it so much one or two compliments is good am not mean but just the fact, you can compliment the location and maybe his sense of humour you can compliment his outfit if he looks good but more compliments should come from him yes guys from you :D:D:D.
Control your sex aurge:okay let me tell you why am stating this point guys will always be guys when they start looking into your eyes and professing their love the emotional and horny side of a girl pops up, i keep telling people sex is not love valentine’s day should be a day and moment a special date you both make important strategies, sex can wait face the reality of “his he the one or is she the one? When sex is in your head the real you will go away see we want result 2016 not games again our play book should change drastically.
Make the best moment out of your date:   get to have fun play with each other crack jokes smiles as much as you can be very confident and be glad you met each other.
Hmmm i hope this was helpful well your contribution can really help as well so please go comment below what you think about this yummy valentine tips.



Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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