Okay it’s really indeed a nice thursday here in manila philippines! hmmm just that nice weather I love it’s calm and smooth a lot of couples will suggest they cuddle all day because of the weather! hmmmm sorry to us who don’t get to be cuddled :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: quit sad sha.
So val’s day is a day to love and show affection not just your spouses but also to the less privilaged. But basicly many of you will want spend that time with that love of your life! 💜💜💜 okay am jealous right now but its okay i won’t cry, okay back to the deal alot of you who will be noticing deals like this on val’s day because its a sunday.


Not to worry  cupid is here to guide you on what to do so you don’t have a sad val’s day.

Here is the deal if he doesnt text or even spend quality time with you or lets say some little time with you my brother and sister please pack your slippers and run his definately not the one, you only a side boo or while away time boo
Find your bearing sweetheart december came and left he deprived you of gift and love febuary 14 will be his or her final bus-stop, am serious say no  to fake relationships  Toke Makinwa also said oo.

We are tired of forcing relationships lets stand for something good and dont fall for everything.
Email me if you have questions
Comment if you want cupid to hook you up i will be delighted to do so😁😁😁 you know i love you all and i want the best for ya all good have a great day where ever you are and remain blessed.



Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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2 Responses

  1. D'machine says:

    Pls ooo don’t feel jealous for the curdling couple cos we are all here to curdle u ooo. Hahahahahaha

    Did I hear u say hook up? Abeg I’m available ooo… Lol.

    Ma’am take note!

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