Hello people happy new year feels so good to be here again on my blog, after the whole long holiday i did have great fun and hope you all did? So today i decided to blog about Renewing our mind, I know alot of us must have heard serise of topics like this and they may seem kinda difficult or not an easy thing to do! Yes have ones being there and when people talk about “Renewing of mind” i tend to get confused and go about asking how can i renew my mind? And i also tend to ask! My mind set is programmed already how do i reset it? And i also ask isnt that going to be very difficult To adapt to a new mind set? but then i got it all wrong as individuals we ought to know that our mindset define our way of life and how we can accomplish and survive like any other person and the best way to understand the power of renewing your mindset is when you leave your comfort  zone, and face the reality of life, for every human being there is a purpose you need to fufil in life and that can only come to accomplishment when you discover who you are by RENEWING YOUR MIND to renew your mind is for you to have “an exact knowledge for your purpose” Romans12:2  when you work with God he will define your purpose on earth.

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Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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  1. Hi, I need a renewal!!!
    Friends who love blogging 🙂

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