Becareful who you let into your Home


Our home could be another metaphor for our hearts, i put it to you now adays alot of people only love you for what they can get from you, and we end up dancing around and calling them friends, Cmon people times have changed people are no longer happy with things any more talk more of you being their friend they always wish you fall and never make it, please be very careful who you open your heart to am not saying you should hate people “No” love them as much as u can but never give room for them to destroy that  home of yours.


If they can’t love and support you in your worst situation then they shouldn’t come in you best situation, true frienship are always identified during tough situations and as a matter of fact God is that true friend you need loneliness doesnt kill it even keeps you focus for a better future.
Remeber your success will be seen by the kind of company you keep so let go of those snakes called fake friends.

Go it


Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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