Battlefield Love

So i got an email yesterday about a lady telling me how much she wants to truely love but then she keeps hooking up with men who deosnt want relationship, eheheh alot of you will be asking how can a man not want relationship and how possible is that, yes its very posibble because so many many are just there to view you from the outer level not even from deep within i call those men the mr unserious men all they can imagine is how they can get into that body and carry out their mission and how they can broadcast the news to their friends.
I have always warn ladies several times  not to flow with those kind of men infact run from them, have encountered such people mostly online cos am mostly indoors and i chat alot and when these kind of men see your dp even when you well dressed they tend to  still want to chat dirty about your body and say all kind of things that are not right.
Those kind of men are only sexually attracted to you.
Even women of this generation now do same to men like they see a man and they get sexually attracted to him without evening having a second tought if he wants something serious with you, this women literally are the ones who approach and care for this men, Ladies get this straight men love to feel like they are in control but if you dont make them feel that way they will only value what you have and not you, as a person.


Okay back to battlfield love for you to
get that kind of relationship you desire, for you to understand what you going into you have to let Jesus take the wheel,
Pray: how often do you pray for the right man? What kind of way do you pray? I remeber when i started praying for my life partner i didnt know how to pray about it cos it was all funny at some point, and cos i dont want to stress on that i just end up saying “God give me a good man amen”ehehehehe and i focus on other prayer points ehehehe and the whole time the whole thing was like this good men came my way but they dont even want relationship ehehehe and am like God why is it like this and God told me that i wasnt specific in my request, we have to be really specific and serious and the whole time i realized i wasnt honestly specific. I had to bring specification into the matter and i belive and trust God the Boaz is on his way ehehehe so you have to be specific on what you want God to give you or do for you.

Strategic dos and donts: okay now are you this kind of person who always behave anyhow the moment a guy or girl is around you, you have to set dos and donts from eating habits to staying out late habits to even speaking habits if you are the kind that love to sleep with a guy or girl on first dates stop it it wont attract the right man your way, dou some men or women can say yea its okay important thing is we love each other but please try to avoid it on a first date, by setting those rules you  battling against wrong mindset in the game of Love.

Get involved with each other: know each other hubbies or future dream job talk about it and see how you can carry yourselves along. Be a supporter and a cheerleader to each other .
Sometimes watch best programes together pray with each other  just try anything new with each other aside sex lol but if you married yes you can try out new things about sex it will spice your marriage up.

Quit picking offence always: picking offence always or trying to be sarcastic at all times can lead to you not winning in the battle field of love always learn to tolerate each other if the situation is getting out of hand just go on your knees and pray, when you start picking offence qurrel and misunderstanding sets in and that way you loosing in the battle field.

ADMIRE AND CALL EACH OTHER GREAT NAMES: be very positive in your doings always call each other good names like may be pet names like sweetheart, honeypie,darlinglove,sunshine,or you can call him king or her princess or queen which ever you prefere names goes  a long way .
So far so good these are the few i can point out and i hope they where helpful  love is indeed a battlefield if you involve the right weapon you sure going to win in it.


Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weakness.


Go it


Mercy Balami is a Nigerian Lifestyle and motivational blogger who have great insight to inspire and empower young people like her.

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