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So today i did alot of bogging and it was fun taking out time to write so much and blog so much; i give God thanks for that something just got me wandering about being a Nigerian ahaha i was skyping over today with my friend in the UK and she told me she will be getting married in november ( next month) and she have spent approximately 18thousand dollars just to buy her dress and her Hubby’s suite and also book a venue for the wedding and paid partly for deco and she hasnt even gone far thats just the first face of spending ahahaha well i know its the best day of her life or rather their lives, but why so much waste of money i mean i could really have a very simple wedding at beach side with really few fox and use that money for a nice honey moon because some investement might get into my tommy after honey moon and i will want to keep it really sweet  aside that i could  do some cool interior deco in the house and have good life with my man hmmmm its really expensive marrying in nigeria i must say but all good, i have to work hard so i keep the expensive wedding tradition going on well :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:. Those that really make sense?do you want to have something way expensive than the Nigeria kind of wedding? Share your insight on it.

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